Advanced Dicing Technologies

Dicing Systems

The 7100 Series

2" and 4" spindle dicing systems deliver a high level of affordability and flexibility

The 7200 Series

Delivers substantially higher productivity compared to existing dicing systems, while minimizing the cost of operation.

The 7900 Series

The 7900 Series duo system provides a perfect solution for applications that require a long cut cycle time such as image sensors and saw devices.

The 8000 Series

The 8000 Series meets the market challenge with a new, revolutionary type of laser for wafer scribing.

Peripheral Equipment

Tape Curing Systems

ADT UV Tape Curing Systems reduce the adhesive strength of all UV-sensitive dicing tapes under a controlled environment.

Wafer Mounting System

ADT Wafer Mounting Systems enable mounting of wafers/substrates to frames using various kinds of tapes.

Dicing Saw Spindle Chiller

The water circulates from the chiller to the spindle and back and maintains a constant flow and temperature level.

Water Resistivity Control

(CO2 Bubbler)

ADT CO2 Inline Injector (CO2 Bubbler) is designed to eliminate particle adhesion and device damage caused by electrostatic effects. The units dissolve CO2 gas into de-ionized water (DI) used for dicing or cleaning processes, thus performing consistent control over an optimal level of resistivity.

Dicing Mist Venting Model

ADT Mist Venting units are designed to vent out mist and light dicing particles out of the dicing chamber.

Wafer Cleaning Models

ADT Wafer Cleaner Systems are designed for cleaning workpieces after dicing.

Water Control Circulation Model

ADT Water Control Circulation Systems create an optimal emulsion for cooling the blade by constantly mixing, cooling, and filtering water used during the dicing process with a suitable additive.

Dicing Accessories


Available for all blade types in the range of 2"- 5", ADT's extensive line of flanges exhibits high- accuracy, excellent performance, ease to use and affordability.


Torque Meter, Handling Tool, Lapping Kit, Separator Tool, GO Gauge set, Flange Extractor (Puller)

Dressing Board

ADT offers a wide range of Dressing Boards for different applications. You can choose from different abrasives, mesh sizes and dimensions.

Frames and Cassette

ADT features a complete line of frames that are compatible with most saw manufacturers. Cassettes are available in styles and sizes to accommodate all frames.

Dicing Blades

Nickel-bond Dicing Blade

Metal Sintered Dicing Blade

Resin-bond Dicing Blade

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