Joe Ranieri

In his role as Executive MD and CEO since 2014, Mr. Ranieri has provided marketing, operational and strategic initiatives that have led to the formation of The Millice Group of companies as an 'up-and-coming' leader in the distribution of electronic industry products and providing sales and service solutions and innovative support for the global player in the semiconductor industry in ASEAN and CHINA.

Joe has used his extensive and varied perspective as a former venture capitalist, tech executive, and Marketing / Organizational Development expert to successfully help TMG to become a rising player in the industry helping its partners gain competitive market share positions in the competitive markets.

Prior to assuming his leadership role at MPL, Mr. Ranieri has worked in the PCBA, Semicon, Electronics Test & Measurement- the Investment Banking/Advisory industry- the Retail and Brand development world for more than 35 years. He has founded and served in executive management roles at several investment firms both in Asia, as well as held leadership roles in technology-focused companies in the electronics, test, and measurement, and brand-focused industries.

Mr. Ranieri is a graduate of the LeMoyne College of Syracuse New York with a Bachelor's in Business Administration (Dual Major) and has completed his in-the-field MBA and Doctoral work in the 'School of Hard Knocks' throughout Asia.