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 (Non vacuum mixer, max capacity 1100g)


(Vacuum mixer, 310g)


 (Vacuum mixer, max capacity 700g)

Thinky Corporation, have consistently developed new technologies and solutions that had not existed up until then, and delivered them to the world on their own motto "Stirring and Inspiring Manufacturing" ever since they were founded in 1970. Today, they have release new planetary centrifugal mixers machines ARV-501, ARE-501 & ARV-310P, they are deployed in research and development around the world, and have exerted a profound influence on the manufacture of cutting-edge materials as a de facto standard mixer on a global scale.

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Service support (after-sales, Application Engineering, etc.) are handled by our highly trained, core skills competent, and specialized technicians. The Millice Team provides product training, preventive maintenance, rapid response service (24/7/365) and rebuild /upgrade packages so that your companies investments perform at their maximum efficiency. 


As a certified Trebor Signature Service Provider, we perform service support for fast repair and rebuild. All service provided is performed under stringent Trebor Specifications


We provide consumable and adhesive material (re)packaging services to meet variable customer's needs who may require materials in different size packaging to meet input or storage or regulatory requirements. Talk to us about your Epoxy, Solder, Surfactant packaging requirements.

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